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Give your plan members the transparency they deserve

Both client and regulatory reporting are made easy with our granular ESG data and online analytics platform.

Tell your impact story

Investment equivalents that give members context

With our online analytics platform, you can create quick and accurate reporting for your plan members, using investment equivalents that make sense to them.

Regulatory reporting

One-click SFDR, TCFD, EU Taxonomy and climate reporting

Regulation is made easy with our comprehensive granular ESG data that can be exported in regulatory-ready formats in a click.

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Our data is used by leading institutions such as S&P Dow Jones Indices, JP Morgan and Euroclear.

Trusted data

One-click client reports with clear investment equivalents and impact illustrations to tell your impact story. 

Intuitive reports

For institutional & individual investors, climate-focused for TCFD reporting, EU regulatory reports for EU SFDR/PAI, Taxonomy, and Article 8 & 9.

Regulation ready

Covering biodiversity, climate, corporate factors, SDG alignment, sovereign debt, regulatory, 2,300+ product and service classifications and regional revenues.

Unique datasets

Built on quantitative data

Why Impact Cubed

We’ve found Impact Cubed's data to be well-researched and reliable. The platform is user-friendly and allows us to deliver transparent and effective ESG reporting.


We utilize their corporate factor data and industry-leading SDG alignment data to build robust client reports on a quarterly basis.


Impact Cubed enables the integration of ESG across the entire pension plan value chain. It’s an end-to-end solution that ensures impact is deliberately woven into the very fabric of investment strategies.

PBI Actuarial Consultants

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Explore our data instantly

Explore a selection of top global funds on our online analytics platform for free.


Real world impact

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