Portfolio Impact Report

Impact Cubed offers registered users unlimited access to this free portfolio tool to quantify ESG performance and impact of your investments. Our assessment uses data based exclusively on publicly available information to guarantee maximum objectivity. We apply industry leading data quality and estimation algorithms to ensure the Portfolio Impact Report delivers results you can trust. Find out more about our impact measures in the FAQ section.

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Please note that the free demo tool gives you just a glimpse of our portfolio reporting capabilities. It’s limited to portfolios with large, listed equity holdings. It will not work on mutual funds or ETFs. Impact Cubed subscription service provides complete ESG data and multi-asset class portfolio reporting that addresses SDG alignment, impact, and regulatory requirements.

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What the free version of the Portfolio Impact Report tells you:

The sample report shows you how your portfolio compares to a market benchmark on 14 ESG impact factors. It’s rare that a portfolio performs better than the benchmark on every factor.

The regular circle on the graph represents your selected benchmark. The irregular line plotted on the graph is your portfolio’s impact against the benchmark. Where the portfolio line is outside the benchmark circle, the portfolio has a positive impact (for example lower carbon, waste and water intensity in the graph above). Where it is inside the benchmark circle, the portfolio has a negative impact (like on gender equality or executive pay in the example above).

The Net Impact is the amount the portfolio deviates from the benchmark to achieve its overall impact. This number is a proportion of the portfolio’s estimated tracking error. A bigger positive number is better.

The Total Weight Mapped lets you know how much of the holdings weight you uploaded was matched to live equity tickers in our demo database. If this number is lower than you expected, please check that you are using live company tickers in the proper format.

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