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Press: Impact Cubed Opens Access to its Next Generation ESG Impact Analytics Platform

Institutional investors and wealth managers will be able to see genuine, granular ESG impact data across a selection of top funds globally, in a preview version of Impact Cubed’s analytics platform. The move comes to break down barriers and enable education around actionable, factual ESG insights.

While the industry is inundated with ESG scores and ratings, investors are struggling to properly align portfolios with their client’s ESG values. Using granular, factorised data is the next generation of ESG integration that helps fuel smarter, more sustainable investing decisions.

“Our goal has always been to provide investors with the comprehensive, objective data they need to make informed, evidence-based investment decisions,” said Libby Bernick, CEO of Impact Cubed. “By introducing this version of our platform, we’re facilitating a deeper understanding of ESG factor data and its potency in optimising or comparing portfolios.”

This innovative preview not only illuminates the potential of factorised and quantitative ESG data, but also shows how it can be expertly utilised to sculpt portfolios with substantial ESG impact. For example, users can analyse and compare portfolios created by Impact Cubed’s recently launched Smart ESG solution – offering hands-on exploration of Smart ESG’s capabilities and the meaningful impact achievable when data is truly actionable. The lite platform, accessible to all, marks a pivotal moment in Impact Cubed’s journey to expedite the transition of capital towards a more sustainable future.

You can access the platform at:

About Impact Cubed 

Impact Cubed provides ESG impact data and portfolio solutions with a focus on delivering actionable, outcome-driven data. They aim to support institutional investors and asset owners in making informed, data-guided decisions, contributing to a move towards a more sustainable future. 


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