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Press: Impact Cubed and FG-RRRP Partnership: Pioneering Risk Optimised Climate Integration in Pension Fund Investments

Impact Cubed, a leading provider of ESG impact data and investment solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Fiducie globale des régimes de retraite à risques partagés (FG-RRRP). This partnership, involving a master trust managing over $1Bn across a range of pension funds in Québec, Canada, is focused on advancing the integration of ESG, particularly climate considerations, into its responsible investment strategies.

FG-RRRP’s sustainable investment approach will be optimised through Impact Cubed’s 3D holistic view of risk, return and impact, meeting plan committee member’s sustainability preferences, and adhering to the highest fiduciary risk standards.

Pierre Bergeron, consultant from PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd. for FG-RRRP, emphasises,

“Integrating ESG and climate considerations is no longer a peripheral aspect of investment decision-making. This alliance with Impact Cubed enables the integration of ESG across the entire pension plan value chain – from initial screening and due diligence to portfolio optimisation, all the way through to client and evolving regulatory reporting. It’s not just about data or consulting; it’s an end-to-end solution that ensures impact is deliberately woven into the very fabric of investment strategies.”

“The partnership is a testament to the fact that our tools enable investors to optimise for sustainability alongside risk and return to uphold fiduciary standards” says Libby Bernick, CEO at Impact Cubed. “We aim to facilitate FG-RRRP in setting a precedent in climate-focused investing, reflecting the shift in committee member preferences and evolving regulations.”

About FG-RRRP (Master Trust)

FG-RRRP, a consortium of several pension plans in Québec, aims to synergise resources for proactive, flexible and innovative asset management. The trust is committed to optimising risk-return while prioritising impactful ESG actions, mirroring the evolving preferences and regulatory requirements in the sustainable investment space.

About Impact Cubed 

Drawing upon their direct sustainable investing experience, Impact Cubed delivers actionable ESG data & investment solutions. Their ESG data facilitates comprehensive analysis and reporting for both clients and regulators – and their proprietary 3D approach introduces an ‘impact’ dimension to the conventional risk-return paradigm, empowering investors to design bespoke sustainable strategies that optimise impact and minimise risk. 


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