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Patent pending: impact cubed portfolio analytics

Impact Cubed announces patent filing for its portfolio impact analytics

London, June 30, 2021. Impact Cubed a leading provider of ESG data and analytics, has announced a US patent filing on its impact model and reporting tool, designed to enable investors to understand and manage their ESG performance according to any sustainability framework, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The announcement comes amid a wave of attention paid by investors and regulators alike to the issue of measuring and reporting the ESG and impact characteristics of funds in an accurate way. The issue bears considerable weight, considering that close to 100% of global AUM is expected to be managed with some ESG considerations as soon as 2036, according to the International Institute for Sustainable Development think tank.

The patent pending approach disrupts conventional ESG research, which focuses around scores and ratings. Impact Cubed’s analytics use factors: quantitative sustainability metrics that are analyzed the same way as traditional financial factors. The analytics have the scale and versatility to measure the ESG performance of any security, even multi-asset portfolios, with the same objective factor-based framework.

The innovation has already received recognition from the industry through a number of awards, from bodies such as the IRRC Institute and the UN PRI.

“Impact Cubed is advancing the way ESG impact is integrated into investment in an innovative way,” said Larry Abele, Chief Investment Officer at Impact Cubed. “Current ESG scoring approaches have always faced a barrier to true integration into the investment process, for a number of reasons. Our analytics overcome this by formulating sustainability considerations as factors. Our approach is a natural extension of risk and return into a 3-dimensional efficient frontier.”

As regulators and investors grapple with how to bring clarity to the world of ESG investing, Impact Cubed offers a transparent, objective approach that fits in with modern portfolio theory.

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About Impact Cubed:  Impact Cubed provides analytics and investment solutions for building more sustainable portfolios with greater impact. It combines an award-winning approach to integrating impact into risk and return with technology-enhanced portfolio design and management. The outcome is a seamless approach to customized sustainable investing.


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