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Our Superior Screener: A More Personalised Approach

Discerning investors need tools that resonate with their unique ESG vision. Our new screener tool does just that, enabling precise screens across 100+ quantitative ESG factors. Covering all globally listed companies, and over 40,000 pre-uploaded funds, our tool empowers investors to meticulously screen securities, funds, and funds of funds. Here are just some of the ways it can be used, from the eyes of an investor:

Wealth Managers can bring personalisation to fund selection:

Traditional screeners have narrow ESG criteria, or simply allow you to screen using subjective ESG scores. Our screener offers access to an array of over 100 quantifiable ESG factors. Imagine looking through gender-equitable funds or securities while maintaining stringent emission standards – this is the granular control our tool empowers you with.

Wealth Managers can:

  1. Tailor selection to your client’s unique needs

  2. Screen on Article 6/8/9 designations

  3. Stack multiple ESG and fund/security criteria

Precise screening is achieved with quantitative ESG data – by percentile, fixed values, standard deviations and more.

Add multiple ESG criteria to a single screen to enable better fund selection.

Asset Managers can verify a fund’s impact

In a click, our screener delivers validation and uncovers the quantitative data underpinning your investments. From climate impact to SDG alignment, PAI specifics, and EU Taxonomy compliance, our tool allows for a deep dive into the intricate details of each screen.

Investors can:

  1. Access one-click validation and analysis

  2. Generate detailed, downloadable reports for clients and regulators

  3. Gain immediate insights into underlying products and services

Impact can be verified in a click – and multiple results can be compared at once. Reports can be formatted for both clients and regulators.

Asset Owners can upload their own fund selections.

Our screener has 40,000 pre-loaded funds to explore, and for those looking for a customised approach, there’s the option to upload personal fund selections. This feature is particularly useful for pension funds aiming to curate a collection of managers or to construct a fund of funds (FoF) with a specific ESG theme. By uploading a manager’s funds, you can discern which funds truly align with desired ESG criteria — whether it’s a focus on renewable energy, social governance, or any other specific ESG aspect.

Asset Owners can:

  1. Upload their own selection of funds

  2. Assess the performance of different fund managers

  3. Shortlist their desired funds or securities

Upload your own selection of funds for an even more personalised experience.

Getting access

If you’re an Impact Cubed client, you’ll see the screener tool become available over the next few days. If you’d like to learn more about our screener or get a demo of it, get in touch.


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