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Impact Cubed’s new climate solution for investors uncovers climate opportunities and risks

Holistic, forward-looking insights on positive and negative climate impacts, low carbon transition, and physical climate risks 

London, March 29, 2022-  Impact Cubed today launched its new climate solution to help investors understand climate-related opportunities and risks in their portfolios. The solution comes at a time when more investors are asking what climate-related activities are being financed by their investments and more regulators are requiring clearer climate disclosure by companies and funds, including Article 8/9 and TCFD. Investors using Impact Cubed climate solution get transparency on objective, factual climate data that is not available using conventional ESG or climate scores that are subjective analyst opinions.

“As investors, Impact Cubed’s focus is creating robust ESG and climate data to support decisions about allocating capital” said Libby Bernick, CEO at Impact Cubed. “Investors are keen to understand which companies will lead or lag in the race to a low carbon economy, so we designed tech-enhanced models that have superior regional insights on business activities and operations.”

Impact Cubed’s solution delivers a 360-degree holistic view that shows how portfolios positively contribute to climate solutions, how they are making climate worse, and how they are exposed to the effects of a changing climate, including physical climate risks. Until now, investors had to use multiple tools to understand the full range of climate opportunities and risks in their portfolio.

Companies’ carbon emissions have a global impact on climate, but the effects of a changing climate on companies are local. For this reason, Impact Cubed’s solution links data on companies’ regional operations with local climate hazards, like wildfires. This means investors can measure the economic value from asset level, physical climate risks by region, sector, or type of climate hazard.

Impact Cubed’s data science and digital tools provide the broadest carbon emission timeseries available in the market, including all 40,000+ globally listed companies’ equity and debt. This equips asset managers with more powerful benchmarking insights for portfolio construction and also makes the solution ideal for the most discerning investors, including managers of hedge funds or emerging market portfolios.

With over 50 company and portfolio level climate metrics, the solution includes forwardlooking climate measures such as carbon momentum, carbon targets and alignment to

Paris Agreement, and capital expenditures in low carbon technology.  Developed through consultation with investors in Europe and the US, the tech-enhanced solution includes data, portfolio analytics, and ready-made reports for client communications and to simplify regulatory reporting, including Article 8/9 and TCFD.

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About Impact Cubed:  Impact Cubed provides analytics and investment solutions for building more sustainable portfolios with greater impact. It combines an award-winning approach to integrating impact into risk and return with technology-enhanced portfolio design and management. The outcome is a seamless approach to customized sustainable investing.


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