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Impact Cubed launches fund ESG validator and climate tools

Investors can validate fund ESG names and climate claims with factual data and easy reporting tools

Impact Cubed today launched its new portfolio validator and climate tools on its analytics platform.

Investors’ growing appetite for sustainable investments now places funds marketed as ESG at more than $2.7trn in AUM. Alongside the growing number of assets, investor confusion is also growing over the current industry convention that uses subjective ESG scores and opaque rating schemes to market funds that claim to integrate ESG data into the investment process. Regulators have stepped in to root out greenwashing with enforcement actions and policy-making to clarify what is a sustainable investment based on factual data and more precise fund names.

Impact Cubed’s new validator tool provides a fast, easy way for investors to test and validate that a fund name or ESG approach is backed by objective data on ESG, climate, or impact. New climate tools on the platform provide access into Impact Cubed’s unique forward looking climate data as well as holistic climate risks and opportunities, including physical and transition climate risks. The tools are designed for investors who need robust data and powerful tools but want simpler ways to create crystal clear reports for clients or regulators.

Both tools are powered by Impact Cubed’s innovative approach that is disrupting the conventional ESG market with digital portfolio engineering tools, powered by its own objective data on ESG, climate, and impact. Investors get better transparency and can bypass confusing ESG ratings that are commonplace yet ineffective in comparing different funds or investment strategies.

“Our data is created by investors for investors, which gives us a different view on ESG and impact data for portfolios”, said Dr. Arleta Majoch, COO at Impact Cubed. “Providing factual data and full transparency has been Impact Cubed’s hallmark since its start, and we are now seeing the SEC and European Commission set the same expectations for managers and investors.”

Impact Cubed’s data and digital tools provide the broadest time series in the market, available for all 40,000+ globally listed companies’ equity and debt. Developed through consultation with investors in Europe and the US, the tech-enhanced solutions include data, portfolio analytics, and ready-made reports for client communications and regulatory reporting, including Article 8/9 and TCFD. Impact Cubed’s patent pending approach to integrate impact, risk and return allow investors to compare portfolios to market benchmarks (and securities to peer groups) on ESG, climate, impact, SFDR, and EU Taxonomy measures as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

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About Impact Cubed: Impact Cubed provides analytics and investment solutions for building more sustainable portfolios with greater impact. It combines an award-winning approach to integrating impact into risk and return with technology-enhanced portfolio design and management. The outcome is a seamless approach to customized sustainable investing.


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