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Quantitative impact data across every listed company globally

Factual data forms the foundations of our business, from the solutions we help clients create, to the reports and analytics investors need.  

Our datasets

Why factorised data matters

Using ratings and scores leads to loss of nuance, and the inability to integrate ESG factors into key risk considerations. Quantitative data empowers investors to tailor their portfolios more precisely, enhancing their ability to optimise across risk, return, and impact dimensions. 

Our datasets

A diverse set of data that spans your use cases

Each of our datasets comes with a transparent methodology, ensuring investors have a clear understanding of how our data is collected, processed, and applied. From operational impact metrics, through to comprehensive assessments of alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our breadth of data covers a wide array of ESG considerations. This diversity allows investors, asset managers, and consultants to make decisions that are aligned with their sustainability goals. 

  • Objective factors that span corporate sustainability, risk and impact, both operational and revenue metrics.

  • Holistic data covering positive solutions, physical risk, Paris alignments, carbon emissions and trends, TCFD metrics.

  • 2,300 products and services mapped to 4 key drivers of biodiversity & important operational factors and SDG alignment data.

  • Revenue, revenue and operations and operations only views – each mapped across all 17 SDGs.

  • EU Taxonomy revenue, CapEx and OpEx alignment and regulatory-ready Excel and PDF reports. 

    SFDR Principal Adverse Indicators, one-click time period reporting, and article 8 & 9 DNSH designations.

  • Objective factors, with no wealth bias, showing countries' performance and forward-looking progress on sustainable development.

Granular detail

Over 2,300 product & service classifications

When 70% of companies disclose detail past GICS level 3, why stop there? At Impact Cubed we drill down to a GICS level 7 equivalent - with over 2,300+ business activity classifications. By adopting this level of detail, we enable investors to gain a more sophisticated understanding of their investments, uncovering risks and opportunities that broader classifications might miss.

Global detail

Every revenue stream split by region

The impact we have can often depend on the location. We split each business revenue stream into regional geography, giving a more nuanced view of impact. This geographic granularity allows us to provide insights that capture the diverse impact of a company's operations, recognizing that the same activity can have varying levels of sustainability in different regions.


For instance, providing telecommunications services in the UK may have a different environmental and social impact compared to offering those same services in Africa, where access to such technology could significantly enhance local communities and economies.


Real world impact

Our data is used by leading institutions such as S&P Dow Jones Indices, JP Morgan and Euroclear.

Trusted data

One-click client reports with clear investment equivalents and impact illustrations to tell your impact story. 

Intuitive reports

For institutional & individual investors, climate-focused for TCFD reporting, EU regulatory reports for EU SFDR/PAI, Taxonomy, and Article 8 & 9.

Regulation ready

Covering biodiversity, climate, corporate factors, SDG alignment, sovereign debt, regulatory, 2,300+ product and service classifications and regional revenues.

Unique datasets

Built on quantitative data

Why Impact Cubed

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