Our Purpose

Understanding, measuring, and managing the impact of our investments facilitates cheaper access to capital for more sustainable companies and with that, encourages a flourishing planet.

To contribute to this, Impact-Cubed offers a Portfolio Impact Footprint tool to measure the impact of any portfolio of listed securities in terms of sustainable development and the UN SDGs.

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Portfolio Impact Footprint

To footprint your portfolio, the tool requires you to upload a list of identifiers and weights for your holdings. This is fully confidential and we do not save your portfolio, or your footprint results. We do, however, monitor how much of your portfolio constituents match our current coverage of +10,000 global companies and expand this coverage based on identifiers uploaded by users.

The basic version of the Portfolio Impact Footprint is a free, unlimited service. It is for your information only and should not be used externally without our permission. Contact us to find out more about the full scope of analysis and reporting available. We provide full detail on individual impact factor exposures, SDG specific reporting, comprehensive benchmark comparisons, and attribution analysis for your portfolio. We can also provide you with access to issuer level data for even deeper insight.

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About Us

Impact-Cubed was originally used to measure investment impact in-house by Auriel Equity Investors LLP. It was spun off as a separate company (currently seeking B-Corp Certification in the UK) in summer 2017 with the intention of becoming a self-sustaining service to the investment community.

It is our hope that this service helps investors make informed decisions about the way they allocate capital, by shedding light on the varying levels and areas of impact delivered by different investment strategies.

All employee email addresses are in the format firstname at impact-cubed.com or you can also use info at impact-cubed.com

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